Vineyard Bounty

Vineyard Bounty

Grapes growing on the vine at a winery.

Roberta Murray, ASA

Roberta Murray is an award winning, renowned Canadian artist using color, light, and textures to create evocative imagery which pushes the realm of imagination. She works in both paint and pixels to create evocative imagery suited for the decor art and publishing industries, and projects which require a high degree of emotional response and visual distinction.

Roberta’s love of nature and the land is apparent regardless of the medium she works in – photography, painting, or illustration. Roberta grew up with tales of ancestors who were early settlers to Alberta, which helped form the deep love she has for wildlife and nature today. Art was a big part of Roberta’s life since she was able to hold a pencil. It was rare to see her without a sketchbook or camera nearby. That dual love of painting, sketching, and photography continues to this day.

Using the visual language, she wants to use her work to show people beauty and a playfulness leading to a kinder, gentler world. Roberta actively licenses her photographic and illustrative works which can be found in homes and high end properties around the world. A full cv is available on request. 

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